FARM LOCATION: S764 Jore Rd Westby, WI


BOOTH LOCATION: At Sweet Valley Artisans in Coon Valley, WI

HOURS: Mondays: Closed, TWRF 10-5, Sat 9-5, Sun 11-4

Wehling Farms and Country Store has expanded into a 2nd location at Sweet Valley Artisans in Coon Valley, WI! Sweet Valley Artisans is well known for refurbished furniture, antiques and craft from many vendors. It is also the home of Valley Fudge & Candy. We are right next to them with our meats, eggs, cheeses, cards, can goodies and funny towels. Bulk deals are also offered at that location. Stop in and check out our booth when your drive on HWY 14 - only minutes away from La Crosse!

Hundreds of seed are in house now from Firefly Farm & Mercantile! We are partnering up with our local online seed and bulb dealer that works with several seed companies including Seed Saver and High Mowing Organic Seed! Online ordering is offered with a Discount code: DANIKA and even a option to pick up anything ordered at our store at S764 Jore Rd Westby, WI.

NEXT EVENTS: "SPRING BULB BLOWOUT SALE!" Saturday, March 20th at Sweet Valley Artisans. 10am-5pm

Andre with Firefly Farm will be here for Garden Questions and giving away Bird & Bee Mix Seed Packages. Stop in for your Pre-order Bulbs & sign up for Door Prizes including everything MAPLE...fudge and even our favorite B&E Trees Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup! Bulb sale ad 2021

YES, we sell  CBD Oil in tincture, lotion, balm, message oil, capsules, smokable flowers and gummies! We also sell CBD tincture for aging

& high-strung pets. See Products for more information. Mostly sold at the farm location. We will be selling small containers on balms & massage oils at Sweet Valley Artisans starting Feb 17th.


Over 15 local folks with crafts, maple syrup, honey, cherries, salsa, bbq sauces and candy in our country store - don't miss it!

Wehling Farms is now made up 3 different entities…A Country Store, a Tractor Mechanic’s Shop and a Custom Heifer Operation & Free-range Chicken Farm. We welcome people to come to our beautiful farm and enjoy an experience with our animals and leave with a better understanding of the importance of knowing where and who you get your food from. This world has many questions about food and how food is marketed. Please let this website and our personal connection with you help you provide some clarity from a farmers prospective that is NOT paid by big named companies but by the tractors we fix, our products we sell and our custom heifer raising operation.

People have been following “Farmer Danika” or "Farmer Danika Wehling" on social media for years and now it’s time to meet her in person! Please make a trip out this year to the Driftless Region of Vernon County…made up of the largest cluster of organic farms and the largest Amish Community in WI, Class A Trout Streams, Wineries, Norwegian History & Shops, a Ski Jump & Golf Course a mile away and numerous towns with organic sustainable culture & businesses with the backbone of creameries like Nordic Creamery, Old Country Cheese, Pasture Pride Cheese, Organic Valley and our farmer-owned Westby Co-op Creamery in Westby!

GPS ME:  S764 Jore Rd (formally S764 Spring Coulee RIDGE Rd)



What's New Danika??

Hello Everyone!

Spring....mud. This year is no exception for mud but we need the moisture for the soil. We rent acres and acres of crop land but all I can dream about is what flowers I'm going to get to put around our house. We had just resided the house and the flower bed has been invaded my an crowding, invasive flower. Its great in other places that need a good ground cover...but not there!! This year we are selling bulbs and perfect timing if I don't say it myself!

Hope everyone can make it out to both locations this spring and summer! The Driftless Area is a cruisin' kind of location with our fun windy roads and businesses, including my main location, that is not on a highway...and we like it that way!

Farmer Danika

Check out the article wrote in April 2020 that was in the Farm Outlook and the LaCrosse Tribune!  By Steve Cahalan
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We Have Weekly Specials and New Products!

  • Beef (processed locally)
  • Chicken
  • Pasture Raised Pork
  • Free-Range Eggs
  • Sweet Treats
  • CHEESE!!
  • Maple Syrup
  • Honey
  • Fermented Veggies
  • Homemade Soaps
  • Ice Cream Bars
  • Locally Made Crafts
  • And Much More!
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Store Open year round

Directions from HWY 27:

CTY P (West) past the Snowflake Ski Jump, left on Lovaas Ridge Rd, right on Eide Rd, right on Jore Rd, 1st driveway on right.

Directions from HWY 14:

Lovaas Ridge Rd, left on Eide Rd, right on Jore Rd, 1st driveway on right.

Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm

"If we are home, we are open!"

We welcome people to stop in or text me with a warning that you're coming so we can make time for our guest during the week too! (closed most holidays...Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas at the very least)

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